Chat Clearing and Loading

So, two issues I was wondering if I could get some feedback/help with in regards to Kapchat.

  1. Is there a way to clear the chat? I’d prefer to not have all the connecting information show up when I start the stream if possible. Also, the option to remove disruptive messages would be nice to have if there is a way to do so.

  2. I use Xsplit and each time I change scenes, the chat reloads. Is there a way to fix this as well?

Sorry, I was being a derp when I asked #2. I forgot to select the keep in memory checkbox.
Still need help with #1 though.

Kapchat respects timeouts, so if a user gets timed out their message will be removed.

To keep the chat loading stuff from appearing, use this CSS.

.chat_line[data-nick="Chat"] {
display: none !important;

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