Chat button doesn't give timer anymore

When there’s slowmode or you’re timed out the chat button told me how many minutes I had left before I could talk but currently it’s not showing me.

Is it just me or? Do I need to “reinstall” bttv?

It only knows how long you have left when you try to talk and twitch responds through chat the time you have left. Then the button will update with the time you have left in your timeout (this wont update if a mod re-times you out or unbans you, its just a clock counting downwards)

Yes, I know how to reproduce the timer. Done it all the time.

That’s why created this thread: not working anymore.

My apologies, you are correct. It is a bug that came with some of the new changes in twitch and i have reported it here Apparently it is caused by the id for the button changing, so i will take a look into that.

Alright, sounds good. So not just me then? :stuck_out_tongue: Glad I didn’t reinstall then. Always a bit annoying having to set the fav emotes.

Yes, something changed with the button I believe. It was bit wider before, now looks smaller so maybe it’s not the “same” button if I understand what you say.


yea, the button id has changed it went from “send-chat-button” to “button primary float-right”. Slight issue there, but it will be sorted out eventually. I’m bored so i’m gonna keep looking into this and play around with it :stuck_out_tongue:

But yea, not an issue specific to you.

I am as well having the same issue, including no longer being able to see the number of streamers online (next to the Following button) been like it for a while know. So far that’s the only two bugs I’ve encountered

Both of these have been reported on the github:

And will be fixed in the future

Number next to following button is now fixed for me but I believe the chat issue still isn’t (not sure).

Everything listed in this thread is resolved at this time.

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