Chat Broken - Only One Message Visible at a Time

Hello, a few months ago my BTTV stopped working and I thought I would just wait for the problem to work itself out but it never did. The problem is that only ONE message is shown in chat at a time. Every time a new message is sent it deletes the last message and the new message shows, and that just repeats.

Here are 2 GIFs of the problem in action…
[GIF #1][1][1]:
[GIF #2][1][1]:

Browser: Chrome
OS: Windows 7
BTTV Version: v6.8R43

Some other extension you have installed is breaking BetterTTV. Disable it to fix the problem.

I disabled every other extension and it still does it.

(btw thank you very much for the fast response)

Oh it’s fixed now!!

I uninstalled all my extensions and it still didn’t work… so I deleted all browsing data including browsing history, download history, cookies and other site and plugin data, cached images and files, autofill form data, hosted app data, and content licenses. Now it works! :smile:

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