Chat Badges on/off

Can I turn off chat badges? If no, will there be such feature?

Anything in KapChat can be customized using CSS.


.tag {
    display: none;

can i edit css through site? i’am on mac and as i know there is no css tab/functionality

Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do in that case, sorry. You can try requesting that as a feature on the OBS forums, since they may be able to add that to the mac version.

any plans to add “default themes customization”?

As was stated prior:

Anything in KapChat can be customized using CSS.

That’s how themes are customized.

i mean on website, website functionality: edit css and save, then select on installation step

Unfortunately we aim to provide quick drop-in tools, not ones that need a lot of configuring with a web interface. If you need that ease of use functionality, you’d probably want to look elsewhere.

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