Channel Emote Submission Removed Without Contact or Explanation

I recently uploaded 3 emotes to BTTV that were mirrors of my channel’s Twitch emotes. The second and third tier emotes were approved after the usual waiting time, however the last one (the tier 1 emote) was simply removed from the Channel Emotes section. It was never listed as rejected, nor was I ever contacted about what had happened to it or why. It simply went from pending to gone. I tried resubmitting it a couple times and it keeps happening, so I image that it isn’t a fluke. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else and why it might be happening.

It lists on the submission page that “After uploading, your emote will be pending review. You will be emailed upon approval (or rejection [and why]).” So I was looking forward to at least knowing why it went wrong so that I could fix it.

I realize that it also says in the rules that “Duplication of Twitch emotes or other BetterTTV emotes is expressly forbidden. Stealing emotes is not cool.” but that applies to copying OTHER people’s emotes, right? I have seen many other streamer that I follow have a mirror of their own emotes uploaded to BTTV for nonsubs to be able to use. I figure that since these are my own emotes that this shouldn’t be the issue. Then again it is hard to say without having gotten the reason as to why it was deleted.

Please check the spam folder in your email it may be that the rejection email is there, if you cannot find anything please provide the emote code so we can look into it for you.

Ah, thank you. It was listed in the spam folder. I feel silly for not having checked there before making this post. Thank you for the response!

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