Channel Deleted - Help

I sought to link my paypal to your system and I had to do a silly thing! so I deleted by mistake my channel !

So I have this message when I want to connect my channel streamtip !

Sorry for my english I’m french

What was deleted? Your streamtip account or your Twitch account?

Just the streamtip account fortunately !

After clicking “Get Starting” I have this message HERE

I am having the same issue.

You only get this error if you delete your account. After removing an account you need to send an email with corresponding account information in order to reregister.

An email ? address it ? What information should I give you ?

Use the contact form linked in the header to get in touch privately. I need your account name in particular.

it happend to me too. I was trying setting up my streamtip to day. I deleted. Now I cant relog back in to it. always say Channel deleted. i need help get back in to it

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