Changing the Twitch Emote Sizes

I was fiddling with the font size in order to make the text quality better and realized a few different things

  • The viewer name is bolded
  • The colon between viewer name and message didn’t change size
  • the emotes didn’t change size

Here is what I have so far in CSS

::-webkit-scrollbar {
visibility: hidden;
.chat_box {
font-size: 300px;
.chat_line {
line-height: 40px;
.chat_line .nick {
font-size: 300%;

.chat_line .message {
font-size: 300%;

I’d really like for the emotes to be changed to a similar size to the font size used. Otherwise there are big spaces in between each message. Let me know if you find a fix yourself please :wink:.

Emoticons should be centered on each line. If this is not the case then the emoticon being used is a legacy emote which breaks the set limitation Twitch now enforces.

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