Changing NightBot accounts on a Discord server

Our discord server has currently changed ownership (I’m the new owner) The previous owner had his NightBot account linked, and I’m attempting to link my NightBot account.

I’ve kicked his bot, deleted the NightBot role, he’s disconnected his NightBot account. Whenever I try to connect mine, I get a red warning in the top right of the browser window that says “that server is already linked to nightbot in another channel”

After I link my account, the NIghtBot role appears, and NightBot is shown offline, but isn’t showing the discord server listed on the NightBot account page, nor is it coming online to function.

Any ideas?

What is your current channel and the channel of the previous owner?

I see no reason why this would occur. To test: I forced nightbot to leave my personal discord and made the nightbot of a channel im a panel manager join and it occurred with no issues. I can only assume nightbot wasn’t properly parted or you kicking it beforehand may have slightly caused an issue, as it wasn’t able to remove itself, you had already done that. I’ll test and see if that is the case.

Edit: after some more testing i reproduced the nightbot being offline but i cannot reproduce the already in the server error. When i kicked nightbot it immediately removed the integration from the page.

Do you mean YouTube channel?

The one I’m trying to link is “casamuel”

the one I’m trying to disconnect is “Dawgeth - YTGCraft and More” I don’t know how his account is listed in NightBot though, as he’s created and deleted his channel several times. Channel ID UCdUzig57pH_LDkuG-HRt9Wg

I did attempt to connect my account prior to him removing his, as I didn’t realize he hadn’t removed it yet. Once I realized that, I kicked his and tried again. That failed, so I had him disconnect his account. Still didn’t work.

Are you still having any issues? I went into the discord channel linked on your twitter and it seems to be active just linked to the other account you mention. Have you tried disconnecting it now that it is responding?

I should also note that i can no longer reproduce the nightbot being offline in discord, and after disconnecting and connecting between two accounts i can’t seem to find any issues any more.

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