change word in a automatic command

we want to set a command about a date in our country about some voting stuff. output comes english and we tried to change it with replace method but it wont work could you please help us about how to use .replace() method for this code !editcom -cd=5 !seçim Seçime $(countdown 5 14 $(eval a=new Date;if(a.getMonth()>11){c=a.getFullYear()+1;}else{c=a.getMonth()==11&&a.getDate()>=25?a.getFullYear()+1:a.getFullYear();}c) 05:00:00 CET) gün kaldı! thats the main code.
!editcom -cd=5 !seçim Seçime $(countdown 5 14 $(eval a=new Date();if(a.getMonth()>11){c=a.getFullYear()+1;}else{c=a.getMonth()==11&&a.getDate()>=25?a.getFullYear()+1:a.getFullYear();}) “05:00:00 CET”).replace(“months” , “ay”).replace(“days” , “gün”).replace(“hours” , “saat”).replace(“minutes” , “dakika”).replace(“seconds” , “saniye”) gün kaldı! —thats the code that we tried to turn into turkish. I would be really glad if you can help me

Hey @ozancangunduz!

I’m sorry, but I can’t read your post, please fix your formatting.

In the meantime, here are a few topics that might help you:

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