Change or edit !currentsong to !song

I would like to change the command !currentsong to just !song. Or make a command !song that does the same thing as !currentsong so both commands can be used for the same purpose. I have a lot of people enter chat and just instinctively type !song if they want to know what is playing. For now I have setup !song command to say “please use !currentsong command to know what is playing”.

This is a bandaid fix. but part of a larger question: Can I edit command “syntax” or change default commands syntax to something more suitable or customized for my needs? Thank you.

You can set up a custom command !song that will be an alias (a command which does the same thing as another command) of the default command !currentsong like so. Just copy and paste this into chat:

!addcom -cd=5 !song -a=!currentsong $(query)

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