Chanel Emote -> blacklist for subs only

I am moderator on the biggest czech wot stream (marty_vole) and he has ‘‘kappa’’ emote, i would want to set nightbot to automatically timeout all subscribers, using regular kappa emote, but leave non subscribers alone
Is that possible?

Nightbot doesn’t allow any direct twitch commands other than /me, so that’s unlikely. Also banning people for typing a global twitch emotes just sounds hella sketch overall.

there is no banning, just timeout, i can blacklist ‘‘kappa’’ but i want to blacklist it only for non subs, because subs have ‘‘voleKAPPA’’ emote, thats my idea, because why use normal emote when you have channel version there, that you can use, thats why i am seraching for a way to timeout subs only, so normal people/newcomers are not affected

There is no such way to do so, and in my honest opinion that is a silly reason to time someone out. just let them use whatever emote they want :stuck_out_tongue:

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