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Certain emotes not showing in chat

Most emotes are showing up in chat but some emotes don’t. It happens in all chats I go in. Some of the emotes not working are 1g, GlizzyL, HUH, Warwicking, FeelsStrongJAM, FeelsStrongMan, and Clueless.
I have cleared my cache, I switched browsers from chrome to firefox and both have had the same problems. I used to be able to see all the emotes and this problem only started happening a couple of weeks ago.

Hey @ANRK3Y!

What type of emotes are you talking about?
Are these emotes supposed to be in the channel, maybe the streamer removed them?
Are these emotes shared ones, maybe the owner of the emotes made them private or deleted them?
Are these emotes personal ones?

Without more information we can’t help you.