Can't use some commands

I use Nightbot on Twitch, and when I use some commands like: !title, !game, and my own custom commands, I don’t get a response from the bot. May I have some help

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Be sure to check off a few things:

Nightbot isn’t banned in your chat: /unban Nightbot
Nightbot isn’t ignored: /unignore Nightbot
Nightbot is in your channel: Click here: and Join Channel
Nightbot is modded: /mod Nightbot
Nightbot’s default commands are enabled: Click here: and toggle the commands as needed.

Hi RokettoJanpu,

I’ve tried the suggestions, but none of them have fixed the issue.

Some commands work, others don’t.

I appreciate your help

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An update, if it helps (cause I saw you in my channel testing commands), it is my !retweet command that I’m particularly having issues with right now, but I have had issues with other commands as well. I can edit the command in chat and have it return that it’s been edited, but it doesn’t show.


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The issue appears to be resolved for now.

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