Can't upload new emotes

I uploaded some of my emotes last year but since then deleted my twitch account.

I now made a new one with my old name but I obviously can’t reupload my emotes as they already exist and can’t use the existing ones as they are linked to my old account Id. Can you help?

Thank you!

Hey @shyfty221!

This is not the link I gave you earlier on the Discord server, contact NightDev here, send them an email, nothing will be done through the forums.

Hey @Emily ,

well this is where the link led me to:

If I use the drop down menus I get forwarded to this forum.
If you wanted me to email them it would have been better to just link the email or say so.

But now I know, thanks.

Ah right, you selected Help and Support Request, I forgot this led here, my bad.
The option you should have picked was Account Issue or Other, sorry about that, I should have specified it.

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