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Can't upload image, error processing?

so i have some emotes i’ve been trying to upload but everytime i try to, it gives me the “invalid image (error processing)” message. i have no idea what could be causing this seeing as i’ve made sure all my emotes are the right size and all are pngs. i’ve tried on two different devices to upload as well so i don’t believe it’s some kind of weird issue with my pc/laptop

is this some kind of known issue, is there anything i can do to fix it or anything? is it something on my end or on bttv’s end?

That’s interesting since I’ve literally just been having that issue as well now and just noticed your post as I did mine. Maybe something is going on perhaps?

weird, leads me to believe it might be an issue on their end since i checked out your post and it’s two different types of file types getting errors all around :stuck_out_tongue:

We temporarily disabled image processing to fix some underlying service availability issues caused by too many images being processed.

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