Can't upload a custom emote gif

Hi guys,

I’ve uploaded emotes before without a problem, but this time I’m getting a message stating that I can’t upload my gif because it’s a duplicate. The gif does not look like the linked duplicate though.

My emote is a small blue sleeve Pepe arm and a green hand waving. It’s saying that it’s a duplicate of this emote.

Considering they look nothing alike and I can’t submit it for review I’m not sure how to go about this one.

It looks like the emote you get redirected to has an empty first frame (i.e. there’s no image in it). The duplicate system works based on the first frame of an emote, meaning that if your emote’s frame is empty, it’ll redirect you to the one that’s already been uploaded before yours. Complicated, I know. You can try either removing it (or adding something to it that will make it “stand out” like a pixel) or make your emote darker/brighter to bypass the check.

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Thank you! That was the problem, I was able to upload it once I changed the first frame!

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