Can't subscribe to BTTV pro

Hi, I’ve been using bttv for discord server emotes for a while and I remember seeing the option to subscribe when I first linked my account, but now that I decided to subscribe to get custom emotes and more emotes the option is gone from the “my channel” page. :confused:

This is because we do not want users whom are solely uploading to Discord to use BetterTTV to upload emotes through. That is not the purpose of the service.

0kay, that’s odd, why even allow discord integration if you’re not gonna try to humor it or fully support it?

like I’ve already been using bttv for over a year now, I think, I just don’t chat on twitch, I use it to improve twitch chat and twitch, so why’s there a need to try to treat me differently from the normal user on twitch that isn’t a streamer just because I happen to use a feature more than another one?

It would make sense if the service was exclusive to streamers, but that’s not the case from what I’ve seen, and I can’t imagine it being a “my chat experience” problem with clogging the shared emotes list, as it’s already too massive for that to be the problem.

whatever the case, I’m over it, you do you~

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