Can't sign in to Nightbot with Twitch [Signing in -> infinite loop]

Lately this happens and drives me mad:

  1. Sign in to Nightbot -> chosing “Login with Twitch”
  2. Authorizing Nightbot to use my account
  3. GO TO STEP 1.

Infinite circle, cannot use the autoDJ during stream.

Usually I’m always signed in with my Twitch acc to Nightbot, and for the past half year, it worked fine. Whenever it asked me to re-sign-in, everything was OK.

Lately it’s an endless loop and I the only thing I can do is to BelssRNG to accidentally accept the sign in.

I’m using chrome and I’m NOT using incognito mode.

Reach out to us via the contact form so we can investigate your account issue:

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