Can't sign in on streamtip

Hi guys, i can’t sign in with my twitch account when i click on “get started”

Can you help me plz ?

i’m using google chrome

Do you crash to a Gateway Time-out screen after a while? If so im having the same issue :confused:

when i click “with twitch” nothing happen …

ok yeah I basically have the same issue

how do i fix it ? plz

i’ve got “502 bad gateway”

No idea how to fix lol, got the same issue

There are currently some server issues happening, please be patience while the NightDevs look over it.

A temporary fix has been issued for this. The origin server is unable to directly access the Twitch API, and we’ve reached out to Twitch for assistance.

It seems the issue has now been resolved, and the server is able to access Twitch’s API again properly.