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Can't Seem To Download any VODs


In the past, Feb 22, 2016 to be exact, i was able to download a clip with no problem. Many times before that as well. For the past couple of days all i’ve been able to do is receive the message, “The conversion server is too busy to handle your request at this time. Try again in a few minutes.” There seems to be no way of being able to get our videos sadly, from what i tried. Is there any solution or alternate way of getting our videos?


As the error message states, the server is full. There’s only 10 download slots, and that’s it. We process around a thousand video downloads a day at present. For a free service, that’s a lot of videos. Servers and bandwidth are expensive, so we do not offer more capacity.

TwitchDown servers FULL
Sick and Tired of The Error Message

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