Can't see certain pictures / emotes

I cannot see emotes such as “SourPls”, “OMEGAROLL” or sometimes profile pictures of certain streamers; even some stream panels are unavailable. - gif emotes enabled. - can see SumSmash, but not the others.

I have BTTV and FFZ installed as do most people, but I’ve tried getting help for this before and haven’t seen/heard about anyone who had the same problem. One person suggested clearing my cache which I tried but resulted in nothing.

Something I did figure out was I can click the emote and it would appear (animated), but if a new one is sent it’d show the error.

Can provide any details / settings for anything related to twitch if necessary.

Since those are broken images, it means that the request to our server failed to download the image. You might have some privacy extension installed blocking our domain for some reason (Adblock/Ghostery/etc)

Ah yeah, I’ve removed other extensions I had installed and it’s now showing. Thanks for your help.

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