Can't see betterttv emotes (google chrome)

So the thing is that these last days, there’s been a bug where i can’t see the emotes in chat. I checked everything that it’s up to date and it isn’t the other extensions. I have everything on and when i check the emote list, they don’t appear. The only way i could fix it is by restarting my computer completely… (because restarting the browser doesn’t fix it at all). It’s super weird and it has happened since yesterday. Please help!

Also turning them off and on again doesn’t work either-

What do you mean by “can’t see?” Are the emotes not loading? Do you see the raw text?

Yea i only see the raw text. It’s been happening since last sunday during a stream. Usually when it happens, the stream lags and if i refresh or go to a new tab, the emotes just dont work anymore.

What other extensions are you using? Have you tried disabling them?

Mines not working too both emote and gif is enabled. My installed extensions are only bttv and ublock. Any help would be appreciated

If you’re still not able to see them, post a screenshot of your console log with any red lines you see.

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