Cant login to nightbot!

I cant login to nightbot it just says authorize then when I click it just brings me back to the login screen could someone help?!

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Edit: I believe this should be fixed now, if you are experiencing any further issues let us know.

Today i’ve got the same problem…
can anybody help me?

same here and it’s slow to loading. What’s is problem?

Having the same problem here, tried multiple pc’s, not able to login same as OP, help?

Same just a never ending loop which sucks because nightbot runs my whole stream! Just keep getting this: Nightbot was unable to authenticate with Twitch’s API. The channel owner may need to login at to fix this. But i cant because i cant sign in!

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same issue here too. cannot login with twitch or YouTube account.

Same problem here! i cannot login with twitch

The same problem right now, my followers are waiting my stream :frowning:

Logging in with nightbot is currently unavailable, i am not entirely sure why currently. It will have to be fixed when night is able to which should hopefully be soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience, you will just have to be patient for a little bit. Please update the thread if anything changes, but for now we know logging in is unavailable.

Also if a thread is 8days old, it is better to make a new one, as the two issues were different :stuck_out_tongue:

same problem here but why ??? Can some one tell me ??

Same problem today! How can we fix?

is it going to be alright by tommorow

same here i can login it lets me go back to the login screen helpp

the developer can doit you cant

Login issues should be fixed at this time. It is working for me, if you experience further issues let us know.

Totally same problem here.

When did you last try? Have you tried another browser? There shouldn’t be any issues currently. I am logging in just fine.

All issues with Nightbot should be resolved at this time. We have also added an additional monitor to our monitoring system to prevent this same issue from happening again in the future (where Nightbot is up in a read-only state but the site/API is running in a broken one).

still having problem