Can't log in with Twitch to Nightbot

Hi there,

This is my very first post and needed to make a seperate account to post this.
I want to use Nightbot for my stream. In order to do so I need to authorize my twitch with Nightbot.

When I get to the log in screen I click log in with Twitch account.
Then my account shows up and it states I need to authorize nightbot.
When I click authorize I get thrown back to the log in screen like nothing happens.

This is the same when trying to log in through the nightbot app.

Is there anyway to fix this so I can actually use Nightbot?

The twitch api is currently having issues. This is occurring across all things that use the twitch api to login so until twitch fixes it you will be unable to login. Apologies for the inconvenience but be sure to follow the nightbotapp twitter and twitchsupport twitter to see when stuff like this happens or gets fixed.

Nightbotapp tweeted about the issue a few hours ago here

Okay thanks for the update!
Glad to know it’s not an issue on my end.
I will just keep trying every now and then untill it works.
Thanks for the effort.

Their issues should be resolved at this time:

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