Can't log in on BTTV website

Hi so I tried to log in on but when I click log in it just sends me back to that page…

I have only made a connection for discord but I can’t do anything with it now, does anyone know what I can do?

If you need me to provide any info then just ask :slight_smile:

You are probably banned. Check out similar topics like My account seems to have been banned

Looks like I am banned yeah :c

Had I read trough the rules and it says that I made multiple accounts??? I don’t see how that works, and you don’t seem to be keen on unbanning people…?

So I just got banned for something I didn’t do and now I can’t get out said situation no matter what I do?



You may get unbanned, determined by night, if you email him through that contact form. If you have used multiple accounts without any reason whatsoever I suggest that you don’t contact him since you may not get unbanned.

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