Can't increase chat's size anymore

Hello. Today was watching a stream, I scrolled up to check something in chat and suddenly it wouldn’t automatically “scroll” down when a new message appeared. So I refreshed the page and chat defaulted back to the normal sized box.
Like this> . I did take a screenshot of how I had the chat because I usually have multiple twitch tabs open, this is how I like it
I can no longer increase the size, if I go to the edge of the box, the mouse icon never changes and doesn’t let me drag it. I restarted chrome, restarted the computer and reinstalled bttv.

Can anyone help? The small chat triggers me

We have removed the ability to resize chat, sorry.

Here’s an explanation for why:

When we first added resizable chat, Twitch had just launched their new columned channel page. We saw an opportunity for a great feature that would allow you to resize chat, and it didn’t require much code to make work (at the time). We could merely widen the right sidebar and it automatically would recalculate other page widths.

Since that time, however, Twitch has thrown out the idea of using merely CSS to accomplish tasks. It relies heavily now on JavaScript to calculate dimensions of elements (with the debut of theater mode, mini player, and the channel page profile scrolling being all times where Twitch has chosen to do this). Twitch now in-lines styles into the video element, and has multiple cases where it changes the dimensions. Because of this, it’s a nightmare to handle all calculations Twitch is. This feature has become the cause of much instability with the add-on, as Twitch consistently depends on the right sidebar having a fixed width for calculations. Because of this, we’ve always resorted to doing incredibly hacky things to get it work.

As Twitch keeps breaking this feature, it’s become clear that we can continue to support it no longer.

awww man that’s so sad the smaller chat is so terrible to read :(. Hope it’s something you don’t give up on and introduce it again in the future if twitch makes it easy again for you to code it.
Thanks for the reply


This sucks that it was removed but there is a solution to this (kinda). You can popout the chat and move it to the side of your screen and there you can make it as wide as you want because it is essentially a different tab. Its not ideal but it works. Make sure to hide the chat in the actual tab of the streamer. If anyone needs help with this just reply.

Hope this helps.

Could you not put the feature in but add a warning and disclaimer saying it might not make other Twitch features work? I would use it and have possible features not work than have a small chat box.

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