Can't hear Nightbot

I’m unsure what I’m doing wrong or overlooking, but I’m streaming from my PlayStation 4 and I have Nightbot added to my Channel (even says he’s joined the Channel) and when people do !songrequest he will add the song to the Playlist/AutoDJ but when the music plays, only I can hear it (since my Laptop is right next to me), people can hear my game’s talking/sounds (like walking) but can’t hear the music, or so a Mod for my Channel told me… Is there something that I overlooked? Nightbot is a Mod for my Channel, I have Twitch and both open :confused:

You have to stream from the PC, so you have to have a capture card connected from your PS4 to PC and stream through OBS or similar.

Do I need a specific Capture Card? After looking up Capture Card, I saw a Elgato Game Capture HD… That would work also right?

Any capture card should work, as long as it’s able to capture HDMI output.

Alright, thanks for the help :smiley:

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