Can't get word filter to work

I run a server with around 1,200 members. We have always got spam and I try to do what I can to prevent it. Lately I haven’t been able to find a single word filter bot that works.

I have high hopes for this one but unfortunately I can’t get it to work either. I have entered a list of common raid spam and added it to my list along with a handful of curse words. I’ve checked the permissions and everything seems to be fine but it’s not working (by this point I’m suspecting a problem on our end).

I’ve worked with a lot of bots in the past so I have experience with bots and how to use them but I just can’t get the spam filter to work.

All new members start off with limited abilities and work their way up to no limitations and it has worked well but we have a lot of server games and commands that to a bot would look like spam so I instead try to filter posts by words and have a very loose reputation filter as member have been banned in the past while using game commands (not with this not).

The main points of nightbot’s spam filter are that there are basically four ways to filter a word. The rest comes down to permissions via roles.

  1. word: in the filter, nightbot will delete messages with the direct word inside it, alone.
  2. *word: anything ending in word and not another letter will be caught.
  3. word*: works similarly, but it has to begin with word
  4. *word*: which will filter out any message with the message in between the asterisks inside it.

word doesn’t need to be a single word, full phrases are allowed spaces and all.

Permissions on discord are handled by the integration page. You can assign a role to a permission usually. If you call your mods “overseers” make sure that discord role is told to nightbot so that it doesn’t time them out on discord. On the spam protection you can make it so that “subscribers” or up are exempt, regulars, mods, etc. That’s for you to decide.

Everyone without one of the set roles is considered part of “everyone” and so will be set to those permissions.

If you have any further questions or things for me to look into, let me know :slight_smile:

I have my “trusted” members exempt from everything but the spam filter (since I’ve had a on going problem with all bots that offer it). I have the black list set to owner only and even when members copy the whole list word for word I can’t get it to go off (or any blacklist to be honest).

I’ve had a few problems with the server (it auto kicks everyone without a rank) so I have a bot set to auto rank on join. I do not use temp invites so I don’t know what’s going on.

Last month I noticed the problem when I had a member banned for racial slurs and a mod approached me asking why that was not included in our banned word list. It was however so I thought since it had worked in the past it might have but been down at that time.

The problems continued over and over tho regardless of which bot I uses 100% honest I would gladly demonstrate it to anyone willing to take the time and test themselves.

The feature is enabled not only thru the interface on this site but also thru direct commands on Discord (thought the interface was glitches possibly on my phone).

Don’t get me wrong for as long as this problem has been going on I do not think its this bots problem but a problem on my end or maybe even a compatibility issue with another not conflicting with the word lists…

I’ve tried at least 5 bots just for black listed words in the last month and gave up until I read about this one earlier today.

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