Can't find my city timezone

I can’t find my city timezone, can someone help me?

The list of timezones will not have every single city, try finding a larger city that is in the same timezone as yours

Im trying to find it but i cant, the name of city is Chelyabinsk/Russia GMT+5 but isn’t in the list. And there aren’t another cities one with the same time. I tried the Etc/GMT+7 but it’s totally opposite, its show me am when its pm. Idk what to do

is Etc/GMT+7 your timezone? or is it Ect/GMT+5?

Its GMT+5 but i tried etc/GMT+7 but it show me am when it should be pm

Here is the command for Ect/GMT+5:

!addcom !time $(time Etc/GMT+5 "dddd MMMM Do, h:mm:ss a")

Here is the command for Ect/GMT+7:

 !addcom !time $(time Etc/GMT+7 "dddd MMMM Do, h:mm:ss a")

Yes i know that but that isnt the corect time of the city

What time is it for you right now?

07:06 AM right now bro

Is it July 4th for you right now? because if it is, then try

 !addcom !time2 $(time Etc/GMT-5 "dddd MMMM Do, h:mm:ss a")

Bro u r insane omg, thanks a lot for helping me bro I appreciate it <3

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