Cant even sign in?

Its saying Woah, I think there’s a problem. You don’t seem to have Javascript enabled in your …

cant see the rest but thats what i get every time i login with twitch. at first it let me login and now it wont? i have java installed and i checked google chrome and google chrome allows all sites to run javascript so i dont know whats happening. when it did let me login, every time i entered payment info and hit enter it would say session ended even though i signed in within the last 2 minutes. Any ideas?

You should be able to sign in now, sorry about that!

thanks! i can log in now, but whenever i go to my avatar then click account (to put in payment settings) it still has that error then redirects me to homepage.

Can you try clearing your cookies and cache, and then try again?

Still no :confused: (cleared it all though)

little gif i made. you can’t see much because i didnt want to show my codes. but you can see how it flashes
reinstalled java still doesnt work

Are you by any chance using Internet Explorer? Try a different browser.

same issue here! i cant do anything past logging in.

Tried firefox, ie, chrome. Tried multiple accounts. Nothing works, perfectly in the moment when im in a rush ._.

same happening to me

for me too, directly redirected to homepage :frowning:

yea. ive tried reinstalling java

doing mozilla, chrome and internet explorer
turning off and on my computer
clearing cookies cache history ect.

nothings working?

Try clearing cookies and cache again, and see if that fixes it.

it was a little buggy in the start (during the get started guide), but i think it’s working again! Thanks, chief!

working now. Thanks!

Strange though, last time i cleared cookies and cache it deleted my livestreaming setup. had to spend an hour setting it all back up but no biggie!

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