Cant download the setup for nightbot app?

Everytime i try to download it, it just wont happen
Tried it on another computer in a different browser, same deal. on 100 download 50 upload, and i could barley pull 8 kbs before the file dies due to a network error, i havent been able to find any other posts for this issue so im hoping to get some help :slight_smile:

Anybody able to try to re download the windows set up and see if they have the issue too, or if it is just me :frowning:

  • edit * i have both shut down my pc, and the modem in the house and tried again after turning them back on

Sounds like anti-malware may be blocking the installation, try disabling it and retrying.

tried this, didnt help at all sadly.
Using avast turned off everything

We serve downloads behind a CDN, so it’s not really possible for it to be on our end. You may just have to sit through the slow download speed.

Ive tried to sit through it, on both the pc’s in the house, One using chrome got a network error, and firefox didnt really give any message other then “failed”, but its a fair guess to say it was the same thing.

going to try to use a computer in my local library today to try to download the file and see what happens

could you please upload or send me the 35 mb file ? Another friend about 20kms away from me has the exact same problem. :frowning: nightbot runs so slow its crazy, i just want to try this app before i give up on it and find another bot

If your not able to download the app you’re probably better off with just using the dashboard through your browser at