Can't download browser plugin without downloading OBS

Hi all,

I’m using OBS on Windows 7 and am trying to install Kapchat, but it seems like the NightDev website only offers a download link for the entire OBS studio program (supposedly with the plugin installed, but I couldn’t find that either). Is there any way of just installing the plugin for use in OBS Classic? I found a download link here:

And I extracted the file to both /obs-plugins and /obs-plugins/64-bit, but it hasn’t worked. Now I’m confused and don’t know what else to do.

Can anyone help?


Using OBS Classic is not supported and the link we give is specifically to OBS Studio (the new and recommended version) with the browser source download included. You can check this page about manually installing plugins It seems like you are installing them to the wrong location.

If you do decide to use obs studio you can get the most recent download (because our links are sometimes out of date) here: and download OBS-Studio-[version]-With-Browser-Installer.exe