Can't donate anymore


I’ve contacted NightDev multiple times in a attempt to get everything working again. When I want to donate to Twitch streamers who use Streamtip, I get the following message:

You are blocked from sending tips. Contact support for more information.

I contacted support a couple of times explaining. I got back that I had multiple failed donations, but when I check my Paypal, I can see a couple of donations went trough.

Hope to hear more and be able to use Streamtip again.

You can be blocked for many reasons, some main ones being too many checkbacks or too many donations in a small amount of time.

This isn’t really a question and because it deals with personal info your best option is to submit your problem to They will be the deciding weither or not you will be allowed to be in.

Until then some streamers have an alternate donation link, you could try asking, they should have another page to donate from paypal that doesn’t go through Streamtip. Best of Luck.

You can reply to support replies to further explain yourself. Generally we rely on what is shown in the database. If there is a discrepancy (which is possible because PayPal can be finicky at times), then you should address that via email. As Aaron pointed out, these are public forums and we cannot assist you with private issues here.

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