Can't chat through the giveaway page

I am on the Nightbot Dashboard, on the Giveaways page. I have an active Youtube Livestream. I used to be able to type into my stream’s chat from this page. Now it says, “Sign in to chat.” When I sign in, it goes to my Youtube stream page, instead of letting my type directly through this page in Nightbot. I have tried refreshing this tab after signing in and going to my Youtube page on another tab, and it still doesn’t let me chat on the Nightbot tab.

Hey @Christina_Barron!

I can reproduce the issue, the log in popup closes before I can authenticate.

Not sure if it’s intentional or not.
If it’s a bug, it’s not that urgent to fix imo, as people can still use their chat on another tab.
The dev will eventually see your topic.

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No, it’s not terribly urgent, but is sure would be convenient. I run a 24/7 live stream that I monitor on an old Android tablet, and that’s a PITA to chat on. It would be nice to simply bring up the Nightbot page in a browser tab on my computer. I’m in the same room as my live stream, so if I bring up the YT page, I have to remember to mute my computer so as to not have a feedback loop.

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