Can't add emotes to 'shared emotes'

I have the box checked to ‘allow users to use on other channels’ but they do’t show up when I use them. And when I view my dashboard nothing shows in the shared emote section


Are you trying them in your own channel? Other channel have to manually activate your emotes in their channel before you can use them.

Ah, so I can’ t just use my emotes in other channels if I share them. Others have to allow it? How do they do that? How actually do ‘I’ do that. I have a couple of viewers who have bttv emotes that I’d like to allow

Yes, if other people want your emotes in their chat, they have to manually enable them.
How? You go to:
Find the emote you want, you can search by emotecode at the bottom, find the emote you want, click on it, top right should be an option to “Use in channel”, this will allow your viewers to use them in your channel.

Or select “Add to personal emotes”, you can use personal emotes all over Twitch. However these are ‘personal’ so only you can use those, not other viewers (unless they have it also set as personal emote, or the channel has that emote enabled).

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