Cannot accept donations from streamtip to paypal account

Hey guys, I’m at my wits end here.

I have been casting for the last week and I have had a couple of users tell me that when they tried to donate, it would not complete the transaction. When I try to test it with a non-paypal-registered card, the paypal error says:

“We can’t process your payment right now, so please try again later. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.”

Then it has a button to return me to the Nightdev site. I was able to receive donations in January, through the old system without a problem to this account so I have not changed any settings. I’m stumped…

Is your PayPal account verified?

Yes it’s verified. I was able to receive donations from the old nightdev stream site. I havent touched the account since.

If you are not a premier or business account with PayPal, you’re probably not able to accept cards not linked to a PayPal account.

I do have a business account. I’ve gone through all the settings to make sure everything was setup correctly. I dont have any blocked pay methods and other than changing the name to match my cast, everything has been relatively untouched.

I Google’d the error and found the following:

We can’t process your payment right now, so please try again later. We’re
sorry for the inconvenience.

The main reasons for this particular error according to PayPal technical support:
When a customer does not have paypal account, a credit card has a total lifetime transaction limit of approximately $4000. This value is the total of all payments ever made through the PayPal Guest Checkout Experience on that credit card. Even if the total is below $4000, they can only use that card 15 times as a guest. If the card is flagged by PayPal, an account (username/password) will be required for security reasons. In either case, your attendee/buyer will need to sign up for a PayPal account in order to use that credit card.
If your customer does have an existing PayPal account and the credit card or email address is recognized, your client MUST log in to PayPal first for security reasons.
These are unfortunately limitations imposed by PayPal for security reasons and entirely have to do with the buyer’s credit card account. The only workaround is for you to advise them to create a PayPal account using that credit card (if they already do not have one), or use their existing PayPal account if they already have one to complete the transaction.

If you still have concerns about the error message, you should direct them to PayPal. Streamtip may use them as a payment processor, but we don’t know why errors like this happen or how to resolve them.

Okay thank you for the help!

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