Cancelling subscription over new Discord rules

This topic pretty much writes itself. I’m sure it’s expected, but here goes: I think you guys are crazy to eliminate the only tether I had for giving you a cent. I was here for the Discord feature, now it’s gone. Considering your review process of emotes, it is certainly difficult to fathom what constituted “abuse”. If it was a multiple account thing, the solution is obviously that paying members should be 100% okay to link their Discord still. I think you’re making a huge mistake in cutting anyone but free members out. I’ll be forced to cancel until you reconsider how that makes any kind of sense.

As stated:

BetterTTV Pro grants you up to 25 channel emotes, 25 shared emotes, priority emote approval, and allows up to 5 channel and shared non-GIF personal emotes to be used globally by you (not others) on BetterTTV.

Purchasing Pro does not directly relate to the discord integration that was later introduced. If you do not wish to have Pro you can cancel at BetterTTV

I did not imply that I felt deceived or misled by the wording of your membership terms. So I would ask that you treat this like what it is instead, a suggestion that purchasing pro should relate to the discord integration. I would be genuinely surprised to learn that you guys have a widespread problem with people who have in fact paid already. I am almost certain this is unwarranted, but on the off chance it somehow is, you should figure out a better way so that you can retain myself and I’m sure others as members who support this service.

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I was also just subscribing for the Discord integration feature and have cancelled now that it’s not available. It’s too bad.

For the record, BTTV Pro was released way before the emote integration and (if I remember right) before emotes on discord was a thing. If and/or when BTTV Pro does include this feature it maybe on a limited basis. Don’t quote me on that. Also the requirements might be lowered soon™, but it’s in the air and it’s decided by night to change it if and when he wants to, like gifs for personal use.

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