Can you make songreq blacklist

Song request is awesome function, but some people have ba*ss music taste that i hate, so, can you make song request|commands black list(to make them unavailable to request song)?

Sorry but there is no song blacklist that you can assign in Nightbot. If you wish to remove a song from the queue you can click “Delete” in the queue or use the !songs delete command.

yeah, i know this, but autodj blacklist/whitelist will be awesome!

A blacklist will never be added since there is far more bad content on YouTube than can be listed. There is already a whitelist functionality. Make a channel playlist and enforce requests to be restricted to that playlist.

i am telling not about videos blacklist… I mean adding people into autodj’s blacklist, to prevent them from requesting songs.

If you want to ban people from using song requests, then ban them from your channel on Twitch/YouTube.

even if they are moderators/subscribers… You are awesome -_-

If they are purposefully requesting bad music and you’ve told them to stop, logic would dictate that they be punished.

but this is a little… stupid. What if i want to only disable autodj for them, not the whole chat ?

As stated above, the only way to block someone from using AutoDJ is to ban them from your chat.

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