Can you get a moderator

Can or how to add a moderator se he can make new commands for you?

Twitch: type /mod USERNAME where USERNAME is the user you want to add as a mod.

YouTube: click the flag next to a user’s message in chat and you will see an option to mod them.

Mixer: type /mod @USERNAME where USERNAME is the user you want to mod.

If you are talking about admin access to Nightbot, yes!
They have to log into Nightbot with their Twitch/ Youtube account.
Get the person you want to add to give you their “User ID”. You can find that at point number 1 in the below screenshot 1.
After they give you their User ID, go to the “New Manager” and simply paste their User ID.
They will be able to help you manage your Nightbot from there (see drop down in Point3 where their profile picture is)

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