Can somebody give me a command script for adding multiple responses to one command?

Will someone please send me a script of what you would add if you were to add multiple responses to one command? Like would you send me the script you would add in with the word SKITACULOUR where you would add each response? The NightBot website that tells you how commands work doesn’t give me a good enough explaination.


This is the command response:

$(eval a=[`response 1`,`response 2`,`response 3`];a[Math.floor(Math.random()*a.length)])

Replace response 1/response 2/response 3 with each possible response you want. You can add even more responses, just make sure each response is bounded by backticks `` and separated by commas as shown above.



I noticed you withdrew your post. Perhaps you’ve figured out the error but just in case I’ll have a working command response here:

$(user) you are $(eval a=[`Ahri`,`Anivia`,`Ashe`,`Blizcrank`,`Brand`,`Camille`,`Darius`,`Diana`,`Ekko`,`Ezreal`,`Fizz`,`Garen`,`Gnar`,`Illaoi`,`Jax`,`Jhin`,`Jinx`,`Kai'sa`,`Karma`,`Kayn`,`Leona`,`Lucian`,`Lux`,`Maokai`,`Morgana`,`Nasus`,`Neeko`,`Nidalee`,`Olaf`,`Pyke`,`Poppy`,`Rakan`,`Riven`,`Rumble`,`Shaco`,`Sion`,`Sona`,`Soraka`,`Sylas`,`Teemo`,`Udyr`,`Xayah`,`Xerath`,`Zoe`];a[Math.floor(Math.random()*a.length)])

Yes I deleted my post because something about this chat helped me see where the error was in the code. I had a name in the list (Kai’sa) with an apostrophe in it that was making it not work.

I didn’t think anyone would see it so I just deleted it so as to not bother anyone. Thank you for taking the time to fix a version of it for me though! That means a lot at was super fast. Thank you! <3

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