Can only the links be removed?

I am just wondering with nightbot, is there a way to make it so it only removes the links and gives them a custom message instead of removing all their post prior to that link? In the settings of “Link Protection”, I did not see a way to just have it remove the links and not all of the user post prior to that link being added.

No, due to the way chat works to delete or timeout a message it happens to all messages before it. There isn’t much that can be done with this, its how twitch does it. The timeouts/purges are on the user, not the message. Sadly nightbot can’t really do anything about this.

Thanks for the reply, bit annoying but oh well.

You could disable links entirely in the Twitch Settings for your channel, if that would be what your after.

Yeah. I just want the ability for mods and myself to be able to post links. Just wanted to block visitors from posting links but without it removing all their prior post, but thanks for the info.

Yea than that Twitch Setting would work fine in your case, it will only allow yourself and mods to post links. And it will also keep displaying messages of people even if they happen to post a link.

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