Can no help me please

Ever time i connect my nightbot to my discord, the server it say’s, server already exist, and it post old link’s even thoght i’m using an new email.

But on my other platforms like Twitch it’s post the new links, i don’t know how to get my nightbot to post the new links on my discord, thank you.

You will need to login to Nightbot under your old account, remove the Discord server, and then login to your new one and reconnect the Discord server.

unfortunately that account as been deleted

Then you will need to reach out to us privately via NightDev and provide information about the old and new accounts.

Ok i’ve sent it privately, sorry for the inconvenience

Do you know how long this is going to take

Hey @Middle_Aged_Gamer!

They usually answer pretty fast, but it can take up to 72h.

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