Can Nightbot do this? Queue up part of a song via timestamps, or sequential MP3s, as long as a follow or sub train is going?

I’m searching all the bots for any bot with this functionality.
Example: Think Daradude Sandstorm…

  • If someone follows, I would like to play 10 seconds of the song (or soundfile1)
  • If someone else follows, within the subtrain expiration time (let’s say, 30 seconds) it plays the next 10 seconds of the song. (or soundfile2)
  • If 3 more follow within the cooldown, it plays from 20s to 30s (or soundfile3) and continues to play 30s-40s, and 40s-50s (or soundfiles 4 and 5)
  • (It needs to be able to QUEUE the next sections up, if if purely code, add some logic in a while loop that extends the ending timestamp)
  • It continues this behavior until either A. the song is finished, or B. the subtrain timer has expired.

Possible with current implementation?

This is not currently possible, and is quite a niche use case so i wouldn’t see it being implemented.

This thread seems to suggest that nightbot can do behaviors based on conditional values? If [condition] then [output] else [output]

Yes, but those are for commands being run. Nightbot has no triggers for a) when someone follows b) multiple streams of followers c) triggering songs to run directly from commands like you suggest. You can effect the play queue, that’s about it, you can’t do the kind of complexity that you want.

It sounds like you really want a custom bot/program, that kind of complexity is not going to just be ‘available’, you can likely find many bots that do some of what you want, but not everything.

Thanks that helps.

I might end up with streamlabs (formerly ankhbot) because I can write python and it can take custom scripts. Just trying to avoid that if I could find a bot with some of the available triggers and piece together some logic. But you’re right, there may not be any avoiding it. Thanks!

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