Can moment.js plugins be used in conjunction with the countdown command?

The goal is this: to make a command that calculates the countdown of the next scheduled stream for multiple dates.

From what I read in the help docs, the countdown command uses moment.js, and moment.js has a multitude of plugins, specifically recur.js.

I know that the coundown command can already handle a single date w/- or w/o time, or a specific daily time. However, my stream schedule is specific multiple moments w/ specific times. I could always just change the command everytime after a stream, but if can automate this process it would be a god send of both time and effort. I want to utilize recur.js because as the name implies its really good with recurring moments.

Recur.js can specify multiple daysOfWeek() and I was thinking of utilizing this function to specify multiple days. As for specified time, it says at the very top of the recur.js docs that time information is discarded so idk how I’ll handle that.

The only thing blocking me from trying this is my lack of knowledge of how to load this plugin in conjunction with nightbot’s commands.

Are there any developers that can help me with this?

Sorry but Nightbot doesn’t support any plugins and from my knowledge the only part of moment.js that we partially expose is format(), so it isn’t possible to use Recur.

So basically I’m just left to quick maths, just like am_1 did in this post?

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