Can i see which Mod has timeout/banned a user?


is there any command or a point in the dashboard where i can see which of my Mods has banned or timouted a user? I believe that one of my Mods is trolling but i am not sure which one.

I am thankful for every Tipp i could get ^^

Thx Heili

This isn’t possible. Twitch doesn’t have a way for devs. to know this information. The only timeouts shown on the Nightbot dashboard are done by Nightbot itself.

No, there is no way to see which mod has timed out or banned a user, certainly no way to do so via nightbot, since twitch doesn’t do any of that sort of tracking as far as i understand.

Isn’t there any option or an extra programm, which i could use to find the bad guy?

Nope, there is no program or software to find this information.

You can view your banned users here instead

well ok than thanks for your fast help


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