Can I request enabling a PogChamp-like emote without justification?

Do I need justification (permission) for the request to enable an emote derivative (similiar to) the PogChamp emote? Specifically, I made a supersayan PogChamp that includes the face of PogChamp but with supersayan elements. Do I need permission from the original author for that?

Yes you would need permission if you are using an edited version of the original emote, as Twitch owns the rights for all of their global emotes.

And how do I ask twitch for that permission?

We don’t allow Twitch Copywrite emotes even with permission as it usually isn’t from a valid legal source.

Now that twitch has made a LUL emote, do I need permission from twitch for that?
Also say I want to make a TrollFace-like emote (:tf:). From who would I need permission? Does bttv own the rights for those global emotes?

We accept changes to all BetterTTV’s global emotes, not Twitch’s. There is a clear difference between both LULs as one is drawn.

Got it. Thanks a lot for answering

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