Can I make Nightbot ignore Restreambot?

So, I use Restream to stream both in Twitch and YouTube so I made two accounts with Nightbot. In YouTube I have a command which will ask people to join Twitch if they can. The problem is that I want it to message this only if people are talking in YouTube. The Restreambot will send the same messages from Twitch on YouTube and the Nightbot in YouTube will be counting Restreambot messages to keep sending this message. I want Nightbot to only send the message when there’s actual people typing in YouTube. Is it possible?

It is not possible to have Nightbot ignore other users. If the bot is being moderated by Nightbot (timed out for saying things in chat), you could make it a moderator.

The Restreambot is a mod there, so it fortunately is not being timed out. But I wanted it to be ignored… But it’s okay. Thank you a lot for your clear answer.

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