Can i make a command that viewer can respond to with another command so they can join?

So sorry if that title is bad explained but i did not find better words to put it.
What i mean is something like this:
I enter !Joinlist for viewers to play with you and if they want to play with you they have to enter !play and than you can look up who joined the list. For example if you want to make a lobby game with viewers in dota 2 for example.
And I am talking about nightbot. Perhaps i need a diffrent bot for it?

I dont know if you really need a custom command for this, nor do i know of a customapi to help you (though im sure there is one). I could imagine you could simply run a giveaway where the keyword is !join or something and you randomly pick from the people who have used that keyword. If you want a queue system of sorts there appears to be this custom api CustomAPI to manage queues though i haven’t used it personally

But i dont know of a command for multiple parties and choosing from them, seems a bit more complicated than it needs to be