Can i have my DiscordBot play songs requested by twitchchat?

I have set up a Musicbot for Discord and am now wondering if i could get it to play Songs that viewers in twitchchat have requested (Songs from the AutoDJ page) so that my Gamemates hear the same music as i do by simply being in my channel. Is there a way to make this work? or to get nightbot to “forward” the songrequest from twitchchat to a channel on the discord?

There is no immediate or straight forward way to make this happen. Nightbot should not be used as a Discord Song Request app, there are other apps and services for that purpose.

could you name one of those? googling gave me no real answer (maybe i was googling the wrong term?) Thanks!

You might have the most luck with this.

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Thanks for your efforts, that bot brought me here in the first place :slight_smile: but i guess i have to wait until they improve it further since the FAQ states that “twitch and other streams” will be supported soon.

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