Can I have moderators for this nightbot?

I am asking can I have any people who can moderate this command on this website like make new ones or delete ? If yes, how can I do it ?

Hi, you are asking how to make custom ! commands correct?

yes, you can add editors of your NightBot dashboard.

Have the person you want to add as a Channel Manager head over to This page and check the User ID that shows in the upper right corner of the page. Have them give you that unique string/token and add it as a New Manager.

Note: Don’t share that ID with anyone but the person who’s doing the Adding as Manager.

If you sill have questions, pleae reply to this post :slight_smile:


Hello its me again. I added my friend as a manager to my nightbot commands. How he can edit/change/delete my command. When he go to commands he see and I don´t know if they´re mine or his. Where can he saw my commands ?

Channel Manager can see channels that manage after he click to his profile picture.

Ty, its working now.

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